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2023 Collection

Sweet Jazzie Clay Collection

Custom hand painted pendant


Custom hand painted pendant
Custom hand painted pendant

Welcome Sweet Jazzie Clay Collection

(Yes that's Jazzy with ie)
This year the earrings are coated in resin to protect the paint and clay for more durability!

2021 Collection

Sweet Lizzie Clay

 "My name is Elmien and I’m the maker behind the earrings from Sweet Lizzie Clay Company. I was born in sunny South Africa and grew up in the rural African countryside. I’m married to the love of my life and have three beautiful kids. We’ve lived in London, UK for a few years, went back to South Africa and now I call Canada my home... 


Jazzmatazz Creative Arts

Hey, Jasmine here! I purchased a pair of Elmien's earrings from the Unique Town Boutique and FELL IN LOVE! They are so colourful and elegant. The way she is able to create so many beautiful designs is astonishing. I saw a fellow artist paint on earrings and she encouraged me to give it a shot. Only problem was... clay is not my specialty. So, I reached out to Elmien and she has been a pure delight to collaborate with!

Handmade With Love

Orange blossom Earrings

Each pair of earrings has been coloured, cut, baked, and assembled by Elmien. 

Once the base was finished, they were passed off to Jasmine to gain their personalities.

Rose earrings

More About Elmien

"I’m a qualified teacher who enjoys a DIY project and often tries different things. To channel my creative side into something productive, started my polymer clay earring business. This was the start of Sweet Lizzie. The name Lizzie come from my Grandma who played a big role in my life and of course she was a good baker too. And there the name Sweet Lizzie!!

I enjoy the whole process of working with clay - from making the earrings to the photography and marketing. I find my inspiration in nature, colours and shapes and that polymer clay can help me express this in many ways. I still learn new stuff everyday and love a challenge!

And if I’m not making earrings you will find me outdoors I love to travel, blue, birds, flowers and succulents are all favorites! I'm a child of God and I’m grateful for all my blessings and talents every day!"

More About Elmien
Hand painted earrings with resin

They Have Arrived!

A new collection of earrings

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