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Where the world famous impressionist painter Monet resided. In his backyard held a beautiful oasis that the legend took much inspiration from for his artistry.

TWJ- Traveling The World With Jazzmatazz has been an amazing journey around the globe’s most beautiful and well-known artifacts though the gift of painting.

In my Instagram stories I have asked where you guys would like to travel. First it was Hobbiton, a mystical hidden Garden abode in New Zealand, after that we l traveled to a balcony overlooking the lovely city of Prague, and now it’s to Monet’s own backyard!

But this isn’t your typical garden. Combining both the French local and calming surroundings of Japan Monet created a most beautiful scene. And you can paint it with me!

So, book your tickets and tour guide and let’s visit Giverny, France together!

If you would like to purchase this little guy send me an email at for details!

Visit my space on Instagram for behind the scenes of these projects! Where will we head next? I will SEA you there!

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