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Painting With Jazzmatazz

Enroll your child in private paint classes, then watch their skill and love for art grow!

What they will learn

- Basic brush handling and care

- Painting composition

- Colour mixing

- Blending/shading/contrast

- Patience 

Previous Classes

Materials Supplied:

- Acrylic paints

- Painting surface (canvas paper, stretched canvas, or wood panels)

- Paint brushes

- Paint Palette

- Apron

- Table cloth

I will come to you with all the supplies and protective materials necessary.  As the artist, I will not be liable for any clothing or furniture damaged by paint. With that in mind, I will take the utmost care in protecting your space adequately. If you would prefer to set up your own space, please make sure to be timely as the paint lesson will begin and end promptly at the designated times.


There are several themes I can teach your student. From mountains to flowers, animals, and still life. We will explore the world of painting composition by choosing a reference photo and recreating it in your own style.



Cost is calculated PER MONTH. Lessons are once a week for 1 hour

Per Child

First Child -- $75.00 (and up)

Second Child -- $15.00

Additional Children -- $5.00

Includes all materials, set up/takedown, and protective gear, and a course curated specifically to your family.

*pricing may vary due to the uniqueness of each family*

Image by NeONBRAND


Select a day between 11:30 am --- 1 pm

- Tuesday

- Wednesday

- Thursday

Payment must be made before classes begin. If there is a need to cancel/reschedule a class, please make arrangements 72 hours prior.