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I have so many stories to tell you! Scroll away to learn more about JCA

Acrylic mountain painting

Where It Started

It all started... well, when I was a little child. From drawing, and painting, to adult colouring books, I've always had a creative project on the go. While I have no formal education, during the summer of 2013 I took weekly art classes. Lo and behold acrylics were my favourite medium (painting pictured). About 4 years passed before I took up brushes and started learning again.


In the corner of my bedroom, I sat on the carpet (there is paint ALL over it now) with a laptop and followed video tutorials. I would give the artwork to friends and family whenever it suited their personality; so many saw the potential and strongly encouraged me to pursue this passion. In 2018 Jazzmatazz Creative Arts was founded.


An inside joke turned nickname, to a business and brand. There was much deliberation and intention in choosing. I wanted something unique, memorable, and flexible. Many Artists use their names but that's plain Jane. "Creative Arts" checked all the boxes. Unrelated items like paintings, stickers, earrings, and journals can work cohesively!

First Business Sales

Impressionist flower painting

Believe it or not, I started selling through a group chat. Several friends asked to see my artwork, so I took photos and posted them. Purple Peonies was the crowd favourite and SOLD first.

Purple peony painting


Art show award winning flower painting

Art Shows

The moment I realized my work could be cherished by so many: "My Cup Runneth Over" won an award and the judges commented it was reminiscent of van Gogh. VAN GOGH! 

Canadian artist on instagram


On November 11 a friend helped catapult JCA into the Instagram world. Many opportunities have opened up through this platform.

Farmer's market set up

Farmers' Markets

Selling in person creates an environment where the seller and customer can connect on a personal level. 


As the years go on...

2020 I focused on improving my skill

~ Posting on Instagram
~ Partaking in challenges
~ Teaching Zoom painting classes
~ Painting ornaments
~ Trying new mediums
~ Winning another award
~Hosting a giveaway
~ Designing stickers

In 2021...

~ Entered retail/boutique vending
~ Pop-up markets
~ Collaborated to make earrings
~ Sold out of a collection for the first time
~ Opened an Etsy shop
~ Improved product photography
~ Created semi-custom ornaments
~ Inspired more little artists to make art

In the first 4 months of  2022, God has absolutely blown me away with the opportunities that have fallen in my lap.

~ Hired to facilitate paint parties
~ Designed and sold more stickers
~ Collaborated with a florist
~ Completed an order of 50 custom journals
~ Accepted into Parkwood Estate's Market
~ Grew (and am growing) in detailed artwork



Where It's Going...


How easy it is to forget! While writing these happenings I realized just how much my business has progressed.


Reaching the community is invigorating as a solo entrepreneur. Watching others decorate their homes and being eager to learn art becomes a priority.


Through Instagram, JCA has grown and so has comparison. The steady incline of business is far more manageable than "going viral." I am eager to reclaim contentment for each season.


Recollect, Reconnect, Reclaim, REPEAT? No. Rest! Burnout is familiar to me and I would love to pursue balance. Not only to avoid this but to be present with loved ones and remember my commitment to the Lord FIRST.

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