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Small Biz Quiz

well... more of a questionaire

Introducing Jasmine

The owner and artist of Jazzmatazz Creative Arts. I create handmade paintings, jewellery, stationery and more! My business journey started in 2018 and has grown from my online shop to live events like makers/farmers markets and workshops. 

I am starting a quest to unite small businesses and bring awareness to consumers about the current state of commerce. I believe that remaining personable, sharing resources, and passing along helpful tips will keep small enterprises afloat. 

The questionaire 

In the form, there are a few questions that I would love for you to answer and by filling it out you agree that your answers may be shared (with credit) @jazzmatazzart.

Sharing is caring

Feel free to zip the link over to a small biz friend so we can share the love and boost our success!

Let's Get Started!

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