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Documenting THE Journey

In the last post, I shared my story of quitting and what sparked this journey of rediscovery-- the rediscovery of learning and loving the art world fully.

For many years, I believed art was subjective (which in part is true) and had no rules. I now notice the rudimentary skills I lack. Colour theory, proportions, and brush techniques must be used to their fullest to create a successful piece of art. And yes, a painting can be unsuccessfully executed!

This is why I felt so stuck! Entrepreneurship is still relatively new, while my technical art skills are intermediate. My goal for 2024 is to PAINT LIKE A MASTER. To understand the ways of the masters. Fittingly, I've enrolled in a course: The Mastery Program.

To paint like a master, you have to think like a master. Could you tell this is the base layer of a duck?

Quak Quak

  • Yes! I see it!

  • No, I can't see it yet!

Week one already proved to be a challenge. After weeks of research and multiple runs to the art store, I realized it takes more than tutorials and blog posts to conquer a skill. On the very first assignment, the oil paint took much longer to dry than anticipated. I guess trial and error will prevail since it cannot be banished entirely.

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