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You may be curious why I have gone on a blogging spree. The truth is that I have not sorted out all the answers. Social media demands users to "add value" or give the reader cold hard facts. But the fact of the matter is, I do not know where my life is headed and what it all means. What I do know is: that in this godless and self-focused era, we need hope.

The Author must write this story.

I am sharing on my website since it is where I feel safe. The people who peruse the site or subscribe to the email list are the ones who desire to experience the beauty of life in its fullness.

I have little control over who decides to stick with me here. And that feels liberating. Allowing God to do His work through this business is exciting.

This is where we will be free to learn, heal, and simmer in the intricacies of life without worrying all the day long about likes and analytics. But don't throw the baby and the bath water away because you can still comment on the posts! And there's a little heart at the bottom. But the goal is for you to enjoy the stories of life and remember that your ordinary life is more extraordinary than you think!

Even the small things make a huge difference

Artist painting a field of sunflowers

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