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I've Quit

Updated: Jan 7

Well... the self-taught artist gave up. Yup. I'm done with trial and error and endless YouTube rabbit holes. I've come to a point where business is no longer a straightforward or enjoyable process where I get to create and sell art. The internet has made fine products relatively accessible (especially during a global pandemic when everyone is at home mastering a craft), so the only option we are given is to sell our souls to algorithms and keep up with trends.


So that's when I quit. In December 2023, I took my usual Instagram break, but this time, dropping business entirely. There were no commissions ordered and events came to an abrupt halt.

It was after much frustration, conversations of commissary, and PRAYER that a glimmer of hope seemed to appear. But before we get to that, check out the painting I made titled "Hanging By A Thread"

A door opened, and I nearly walked right past it. I reluctantly clicked to watch yet another art video on YouTube. This time was like nothing I had ever seen: an art COMPETITION. Isn't art subjective? Community over competition? Aren't people's feelings going to get hurt? You would never believe how many hours I spent watching the episodes, learning about the program offered, and oil paints -- a medium I have wanted to comprehend for ages. Something sparked in me.

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