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Can hatred be helpful?

Updated: Mar 26

You know I used to HATE READING BOOKS…

...being uncomfortable, risking failure, and feeling out of control. But over Christmas break, I read a couple of novels (even my closest friends and family gasped when I told them… that is how much I avoided reading).

At first, I wanted a spreadsheet that included all the names, places, and important dates I needed to remember instead of allowing the author to take me on a journey to discover the intricacies of the characters’ lives. And it got me thinking…

Pssst! Here's a finished charcoal drawing that gives the feeling of nostalgia. It's up on the site for purchase 💗

...Instead of hating the things bound to happen in life, why not hate the thing that makes me tunnel-visioned?! Social media ideals. They keep me in a 2-dimensional box, and while there’s no reason to fight all limitations, at least make them 3D! Live real life, make mistakes, and take the path of success.

It took a few weeks for me to feel challenged by the school assignments, but once I entered uncharted territory I began to panic. And, as life does, other more pressing matters came up, so the workload had to lessen for just a minute... or two... or the entire month. This also made my business mind freak out since "consistency is key". But quality takes time.

I’ve begun to LOATHE marketing. Click here and buy this. Follow ME and buy that. BOOOOORINGGGGG. I want stories. I want poems. I want to demand the viewer's attention with thought-provoking questions, and social media is only meant to numb your precious and beautiful mind. I want to make you laugh (hopefully with me and not at me) and I want to make you smile. To break through to the emotions you (and I) try to numb.

I want my art to mean something

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