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It wasn't meant to be

I contemplated quitting business, Instagram, or e-commerce completely nearing the end of 2023. But as a last resort, I sent a questionnaire to admirable business owners asking about their journey as an entrepreneur. Technology threw a wrench in my plan... the form wouldn't submit their answers. UGH.

I should have left art as a hobby. I am not cut out to be an entrepreneur. This must be a sign for me to quit...


Hold on a second. Did you know that the WORLD FAMOUS artist Vincent van Gogh did not rise to fame until 11 years AFTER HE DIED?! We have such a skewed perception of fame and success these days. Hard work has been wiped off the map and replaced with vain money-making schemes. Unfortunately, van Gogh died before his art was taken to museums and sold to collectors by his sister-in-law Johanna van Gogh-Bonger. It took the woman over a decade to establish his name but it revolutionized the art industry for good.

Maybe there is still hope for me?

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